Wellness Massage with herbal compress
Wellness Massage with herbal compress Read more Read less
One of our iconic massages is called herbal compress massage. the combination between authentic herbal pad touch and the method of control its temperature will help your body slowly adapt to a truly relaxed mode, both body and mind.

This therapy consists two parts. First, we will focus on your body, from Neck to toes. The compression of Herbal pads will help to decrease muscle tenseness. The second part we will concentrate on your facial area. This part is intentionally created to use the scent of Herbal pads (of course, we use the different pads from the first part), to help clear your senses from all the negative matters. Moreover, in this therapy you will also receive one of our signature " Narada Massage " to ensure that both your body and spirit will be ready for your next challenges.

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