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We are Narada Massage & Spa in Hamburg.

If you have decided on a healthy lifestyle and want to live healthy with massages …

We are the best answer for you and our professional team welcomes you with a unique service. Here in Narada, as a customer, you will experience special moments while recharging your batteries with energy and power to start each day with ease and satisfaction.

Our massage and spa offers are unique in Hamburg. Stop by and convince yourself of our quality.

Aroma Massage
It is believed that ancient Egyptians were the first to invent flower extraction essences, and the first civilization to integrate perfume into their culture. The aromatherapy foundations, therefore, lie in ancient civilizations of Egypt. One of the purposes of our aromatherapy massage is to provide entity therapy in such a manner that your physical cannot be separated from your mind, soul, or spirit.

Narada aromatherapy massage includes all the benefits of a regular massage with the added benefit of a blend of 100% natural essential oils tailored to your specific needs. You will be able to choose the preferred essences from our wide range of natural oils. The combination of both essences and our massage will bring back the balance of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Foot Massage
The art of foot massage is originally from China and India. It has a long history of over 3,000 BC. Foot massage helps promote health by encouraging blood circulation, lymph and immune system. It is also believed to help balancing your body systems.

In addition, getting the pleasure of massage, relaxing and unwind from your daily activities, you will also receive our unique foot spa by soaking your foot in the warm water which will be mixed with herbs and essences. You will also receive the head, neck and shoulder massage after the course for the perfect delight ending.
Wellness Massage
The greatest gift you can give to another person is your own happiness! A healthy massage combined with Thai massage, oil massage and cream massage all together will create a relaxation for you and helps relieve the stress within your body which also results in your blood system. This is to ensure that you will get back to work lively and effectively again.

With this perfect combination type of Narada, we offer two levels to choose, a relaxing massage and a slightly heavy massage (to relieve the symptoms of fatigue). If you are working in an office, using computer for hours a day, sitting for too long, or a long-standing work, this massage will be the best gift for yourself.

Wellness Massage with Hot Stones
Hot stone massage is one type of massage therapies that we offer here at Narada. It involves the applying of smooth, heated stones (a specific type of volcanic rock that better retains heat). It will be placed on specific points on your body while you receive the massage. The localized heat and weight of the stones warm and, allowing the massage therapist to apply deeper pressure to those areas without causing any pains.


It is also believed that the Hot stone massage could help you with anxiety, back pain, depression and insomnia.
Narada Signature Massage
Narada Signature massage, it is a unique type of massage that we have created by combining different type massages together. This massage is especially suitable for customers who want a variety of styles in a single massage or a customer who still does not know what kind of massage they prefer. In this massage hot stones and massage candle will be used.

The Narada Signature Massage will be customized for every customer to fits her or his needs. This massage will not be the same for everyone.

Office & Event Massage
Recover happiness, reinvigorate your employees to get back to work lively, this is the perfect type of massage you are looking for. This gift will certainly be a perfect gift for them. With the unique identity of Narada massage, your employees will release stress from work, from using a computer for too long, relieving fatigue of the brain and muscles pain. We will help alleviate those problems professionally.

Our office massage will take place at the Studio of Narada or at your office. Depending on the arrangement. Please contact us for an individual offer. Bookable for whole- or part body massage.



Our voucher is a special gift to your loved ones, parents, family, friends, colleagues, or even yourself for any special occasions. We offer vouchers for all our services. We are pleased to deliver love, care, and happiness with our superior services of Narada to that special person of you.

Please contact us via phone/WhatsApp/E-Mail to order a voucher. We will deliver the voucher for free with German post or you can collect the voucher at our shop.




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